17 Mar 2016



The innovative jump foresees measures that attract young people to active outdoor activities and alternative health and sport activities in urban environments aimed at social inclusion and prevention.


Main objectives:

  • introduction of social innovations aiming social inclusion and promotion of career development of young people from vulnerable environment in the entertainment and creative industries traditionally realized in urban / tourist environment (animation, circus, acrobatics, graffiti, parkour, skateboarding, extreme and Non-traditional sports, conducting training courses, sustainable participation of young people at risk in trainings, etc.);
  • promoting partnerships between institutions, youth organizations and businesses to provide opportunities for the social inclusion of young people from a vulnerable environment;
  • capacity-building among youth organizations to carry out preventive activities and encourage the development of young people from a vulnerable environment;
  • developing methodologies and launching pilot activities to work with young people at risk / from vulnerable environments through non-formal learning methods in the entertainment and creative industries to deliver sustainable results.


Eligible applicants:

  • legal entities registered under the Non-profit Legal Entities Act, the Cooperatives Act, the Trade Act, companies under the Contracts and Obligations Act, or created by law or legal act of the executive power, universities, community centers;
  • foreign organizations and legal entities from member-states of the European Union and the Council of Europe, who can carry out the project activities on the territory of Varna Municipality;
  • informal youth groups;
  • institutions (as partners).


Main target groups:

  • young people aged 15 to 35;
  • young people at risk / from vulnerable environments aged 15 to 35;
  • youths from institutions (orphanages - HCDPC, centers for disabled children - CSFL, etc.)
  • young people and youth organizations willing to develop social entrepreneurship.


For the purposes of the key heading, the following definition is adopted:


 Young people from vulnerable environments are those who experience:

  • lack or insufficient social skills;
  • low self-control;
  • verbal and physical aggression;
  • understated intellectual abilities;
  • lack of motivation and desire to achieve success;
  • higher risk of poverty and social exclusion than is usual for the population;
  • life in extreme poverty or low income and material deprivation;
  • dropping out of compulsory education or at risk of dropping out;
  • inaccessible environment;
  • health and age issues;
  • respect for them based on prejudices;
  • lack, limited access or inadequate services;
  • origin from ethnic minorities.


The mandatory requirements for the key heading are:

  • social inclusion of young people at risk - at least 25% of the participants in the project activities should be young people from a vulnerable environment;
  • feedback from parents, guardians and persons (teachers, pedagogues, psychologists, etc.) who can verify that the project has had a positive impact on the beneficiary. in addition to the standard means of proofing (polls, thank-you letters, etc.), video presentations are also encouraged.


Eligible Costs:

  • expert fees;
  • travel costs;
  • catering and accommodation;
  • rental and servicing of equipment;
  • video capture and live streaming;
  • communications costs;
  • rent for halls;
  • publicity.



Total grant amount within the heading

          100,000 BGN

Maximum grant amount

for informal groups:                                    

500 BGN


Maximum grant amount for separate

project proposals                                                                                           

10,000 BGN


Percentage of the grant                             

Up to 80%


Until 19 November 2017

You can apply here.