17 Mar 2016




The Innovation Think-Tank is a platform for a series of events focused on capacitybuilding and networking, think-tank, between young experts and decision-makers to implement local, national and European urban development policies.


Main objectives:

  • organizing events presenting the latest (social) innovation ideas that help young people adapt to the new challenges in the changing urban environment;
  • creation of new capacity-building organizations (innovative local urban policies, shared economy, new local and national urban governance models, future digital governance models / e-services for citizens), opening of public data at local level in order to improving access to data and development of new services, reorganizing the structure of local administration for optimization);
  • transferring good practices from other countries and cities related to the transformation of the urban environment, initiatives and projects in the form of workshops to adapt to Bulgarian conditions;
  • offering solutions for vulnerable urban areas, uninhabited buildings; innovative solutions for design and vision of public spaces; adaptation of urban spaces to the needs of young people or to the specifics of future demographic processes in Europe; using available resource and European know-how to optimize the urban environment;
  • network events to rethink the evolution / change of the urban environment during the modern Bulgarian history;
  • improving knowledge of computer technologies and software products as a new way of communication, management, and modeling the urban environment.


Eligible activities:

  • Local, national and international trainings; live streaming and webcasts; seminars; conferences; competitions; forums; public debates; working groups; think-tanks; creative marathons; workshops; as well as combinations of the following, which:

- affect the urban environment development and provide opportunities for solutions of current challenges in Varna and / or Europe;
- address topics with European dimensions related to social innovation launched by young people or created for young people;
- improve the capacity of young people in the city by exchanging know-how with other cities and / or developing their own;
- create sustainable communities for the long-term development of the youth sector and / or social innovation and entrepreneurship in the context of the urban environment;

  • initiatives and activities complementing the above, through specific actions leading to urban improvement, which are implemented by young people, in line with the vision of decision-makers (local authorities, institutions, European bodies, etc.).


Eligible applicants:

  • legal entities registered under the Non-profit Legal Entities Act, the Cooperatives Act, the Trade Act, companies under the Contracts and Obligations Act, or created by law or legal act of the executive power, universities, community centers;
  • foreign organizations and legal entities from member-states of the European Union and the Council of Europe, who can carry out the project activities on the territory of Varna Municipality;
  • informal youth groups;
  • institutions (as partners).


Main target groups:

  • young people aged 15 to 35;
  • youth organizations and informal youth groups;
  • young experts involved in urban development and youth policies;
  • institutions dealing with urban development and youth policies.


Eligible Costs:

  • expert fees;
  • transport costs;
  • catering and accommodation;
  • rental and servicing of equipment;
  • advertising and communication;
  • rent for halls;
  • publicity.


Total grant amount within the heading

100,000 BGN

Maximum grant amount

grants for informal groups:

500 BGN


Maximum grant amount for separate

project proposals

10,000 BGN

Maximum grant amount for project proposals including partnerships between local and international organizations

15,000 BGN


Percentage of the grant

Up to 80%


Until 19 November 2017

You can apply here.