17 Mar 2016

The Youth Pro



The heading purpose is to develop skills and talents, capacity building, entrepreneurial initiatives and individual careers for young people.


Main objectives:

  • application of social entrepreneurship for the development of the youth sector;
  • recognizing entrepreneurship as a tool for solving youth unemployment;
  • development of cross-sectoral partnerships. developing links between the youth and business sectors for mutual assistance in future initiatives and projects as well as staff exchanges;
  • developing transferable and entrepreneurial skills through informal learning for young people as well as disadvantaged young people;
  • preparing young people for the new professions of the future not covered by the curricula of the educational institutions;
  • adopting methods for generating innovations (including social);
  • to offer implementation of projects in areas identified for city development in Varna according to "INNOVATIVE STRATEGY FOR INTELLIGENT SPECIALIZATION OF THE REPUBLIC OF BULGARIA 2014-2020: Industry for Healthy Living and Bio-Technology" and "New Technologies in Creative and Recreational Industries".


Main target groups:

  • young people from secondary schools in Varna, Varna region, Bulgaria and the Black Sea region;
  • young people from higher education institutions;
  • young professionals;
  • young people, youth organizations, informal groups, students and student organizations, as well as NGOs willing to develop social entrepreneurship.


Eligible activities:

round-tables, start-up trainings, conferences, information events, job fairs, practical trainings, mentoring programs, as well as combinations of the following, which:

  • provide inspirational and good examples of young people for social and youth entrepreneurship from at least few different European and world practices in relevace in Bulgaria;
  • provide practical knowledge to training participants with immediate application in the industry after completion of the training;
  • present good practices from Varna and Bulgaria to an international audience that can be adapted abroad;
  • are in partnership with foreign organizations and / or direct exchange of lecturers, good practices, know-how with other cities;
  • create sustainable communities for continued development of the youth sector, social innovation and entrepreneurship.


Eligible applicants: 

  • legal entities registered under the Non-profit Legal Entities Act, the Cooperatives Act, the Trade Act, companies under the Contracts and Obligations Act, or created by law or legal act of the executive power, universities, community centers;
  • foreign organizations and legal entities from member-states of the European Union and the Council of Europe, who can carry out the project activities on the territory of Varna Municipality;
  • informal youth groups;
  • institutions (as partners).


Eligible Costs:

  • expert fees;
  • transport costs;
  • catering and accommodation;
  • rental and servicing of equipment;
  • advertising and communication;
  • rent for halls;
  • publicity.

Priority is given to projects that bind key partnerships with:

  • events that take place cyclically / monthly throughout the year and create a sustainable society of their visitors;
  • young workers: providing training for the main target groups, aiming at a greater impact on young professionals and their career development;
  • business representation - providing first-hand practical training according the expectations and needs of businesses with regard to young professionals and the opportunities they provide for career development;
  • entrepreneurs - (with focus: social entrepreneurs) who will share experiences and know-how, innovative ideas and innovative solutions during events;
  • local, national and international organizations and institutions - providing information on the current state of the labor market; guidelines on social and labor policy; existing and planned employment programs at different levels;
  • education centers - support through training to develop social skills, interpersonal and communication skills;
  • local, national and EU level Employment Agencies - presenting the operating procedures of the structures; practical information on the opportunities they provide to young people; mobility; rights and obligations;
  • career development centers such as university career centers, youth information and volunteer centers - providing knowledge and information about the needs and expectations and the level of young people training.



Total grant amount within the heading

100 000 BGN

Maximum grant amount

for informal youth groups

500 BGN

Maximum grant amount

financial support for individual project proposals

10 000 BGN

Maximum grant amount for project proposals including partnerships between local and international organizations

15 000 BGN


Percentage of the grant

Up to 80%


Until 19 November 2017

 You can apply at here.